Dear SDSU Community,

We are pleased to announce that SDSU has partnered with UC San Diego to provide free COVID-19 tests via Dr. Wellness Kiosks all across campus. Eighteen of these vending machines have been placed throughout SDSU, and will be accessible beginning tomorrow, Friday, Aug. 27 for the San Diego campus, and Thursday, Sept. 2, for the Calexico and Brawley campuses.

Any student or employee with a RedID may pick up a self-administered COVID-19 test kit from one of these vending machines, 24 hours a day. 

COVID-19 self-testing vending machine locations for sites can be found using our interactive campus map.

Instructions to Access Free COVID-19 Tests (first-time users)

  1. Go to the Dr. Wellness website to open the SDSU Rapid COVID-19 Testing web page.

  2. Enter your Email and Mobile Number to receive a free credit to be used through the Monyx Wallet App.

    • Note: New credits can be requested Monday through Sunday — 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. — including holidays, and may take up to 24 hours to receive.

    • COVID-19 tests can also be purchased for $1.

  3. Download the Monyx Wallet app (available via Apple App Store and Google Play) or on the Monyx website.

  4. Register in the Monyx Wallet App with your phone number (No payment method needs to be included).

  5. Wait for your credit (may take up to 24 hours).

  6. Go to the vending machine you’d like to get a test from. Click on “Search Machines” in the Monyx Wallet App and enter the seven digit Machine ID Code from the front of the vending machine.

  7. Be sure “NAYAX” is selected as payment and press “Pay” on the Monyx Wallet App.

  8. Select the Vending Number on the vending machine pad and retrieve your test!

If you need any assistance with a vending machine, contact customer service by calling 858-252-1551. You can also seek free testing through Student Health Services or at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center.


Instructions for Administering and Submitting COVID-19 Tests for Analysis


    • Sanitize your hands and open the swab packaging.

    • Insert the swab into your nose and rotate the swab around your nostril three times and then hold for 15 seconds against the inside of your nostril.

    • Repeat on the other nostril with the same swab.

    • Uncap the tube and place the swab into the vial. Recap the tube, ensuring that the lid is fully tightened.

    • Note: The test must be returned within a 24 hour period.

  2. LOG ON TO HealtheConnect

    • Use your SDSU ID to log into your account and navigate to the “COVID Self-Test” tab at the top of the page.


    • Scan the barcode on your test tube using your phone.

    • Once you see the barcode text in the field on HealtheConnect, ensure it matches your barcode, and then hit the “Submit” button.

    • You will then see that your test has been added with the order status of “Lab Request Made.”


    • Deposit the test into the designated collection receptacle next to the vending machine. Deposit your test within 24 hours of collection.


    • Monitor your HealtheConnect for messages about your lab results in one to three days.


    • Wash your hands, or use hand sanitizer after depositing your test.

We thank you for continuing to take care of yourselves and one another. And as always, in addition to the above new vending locations, all students and employees can seek free testing through Student Health Services or at the Alumni Center. 


Agnes Wong Nickerson, MBA
Interim Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer

J. Luke Wood, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity


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