The message was updated on May 11 to correct information. Cuicacalli entry, garden and restroom improvements are underway. No such project is planned for Calpulli.

Dear SDSU Community,

San Diego State University has carefully re-evaluated its construction program for current and forthcoming construction projects. After a careful and thorough evaluation, the university will suspend more than $130 million in projects. In doing so, we have prioritized those most critical as we continue toward mitigating long-term financial impacts due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

We recognize that all of our current construction projects and building improvements are both needed and important. This remains true even as we continue to manage through COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic does, however, require that we, like campuses throughout our region and across the nation, adapt and introduce new procedures for the benefit of safety, well-being and long-term organizational planning and vitality.

Paused Projects

To mitigate COVID-19-related concerns, SDSU will pause certain construction projects that are not as timely or urgent. Those projects include: the Cuicacalli entry, garden and restroom improvements; University Tower improvements; acquisition of a student housing building; and traffic mitigation projects.

The pausing of certain projects is necessary as we continue to evaluate the university’s short- and long-term budget outlook, the capacity of our project teams, and also as local municipalities, counties, the state and also the federal government have issued a range of orders and guidelines related to COVID-19. Such guidelines, and our campus priority to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of our campus community and campus visitors, has necessitated changes for our prioritization of capital projects.

Ongoing Projects

After thorough assessment and careful consideration, the university has decided to continue several construction projects deemed essential to support the infrastructure, academic and research needs of SDSU.

The ongoing projects and their associated timelines, as currently defined, include the following:

  • The Aztec Recreation Center Expansion began in March.

  • The design of the parking lot project for Building A is ongoing, and construction will begin this fall with completion in spring 2021.

  • Design of the College of Sciences heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is ongoing, with construction progressing through 2021.

  • Don Powell and Second Stage improvements will begin in Spring 2021 and continue through Spring 2023.

  • Door and window replacements in Chapultepec began this month and are slated to complete in Fall 2020.

  • The KPBS expansion and renovation project will begin in August 2020 and extend through Spring 2022.

  • Various Love Library improvements and maintenance work are ongoing and are scheduled to be completed in Fall 2021.

  • The Professional Studies and Fine Arts deferred maintenance work is ongoing and will be completed in Fall 2020.

  • The first phase of the steam to heating hot water system conversion is ongoing and is scheduled to completed in Fall 2020.

COVID-19 Construction Project Safety Plans

SDSU and its partner contractors already have stringent safety plans in place. Additional COVID-19-related and site-specific safety measures have also been adopted and are required for ongoing projects. These enhanced requirements are implemented to maintain the health, safety and well-being of contractors on site and SDSU employees currently working on campus.

These efforts include, and are not limited to, the parameters detailed below:

Physical Distancing and Personal Hygiene

Following guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, SDSU has adopted a number of practices and restrictions for those involved with construction projects.

Further, all team members are encouraged to regularly use hand wash sinks and hand sanitizers provided on site, clean equipment and vehicular controls before and after each use, reduce the sharing of hand tools, and also regularly launder work gloves. Contractors are also provided additional and regular site cleaning for added protection. As with all employees who remain on campus, construction teams are being told to remain home if they are or become ill, and must inform their supervisors of their sickness.

Face Coverings

Aligned with the public health order that essential personnel cover their faces, everyone working on construction sites have been required for weeks to use a face covering. Further, the County of San Diego announced that, on May 1, everyone in the county must wear face coverings in public when coming within six feet of another person. Face coverings do not serve as a replacement for physical distance guidelines and for good hygiene; the purpose of such coverings is to help reduce the risk of a person who may be infected, but has no symptoms, from spreading the virus to others who come into contact with them.

Team Structure and Safety Briefings

On site teams have moved to shift work and are staggering lunch and break times, thereby minimizing the number of individuals in any space, whether it be in interior buildings or other outdoor spaces.

Radios and telephones have become important primary methods for communication, to minimize the need for in-person meetings. Also, teams are hosting daily planning and safety meetings, practicing physical distancing with no more than 10 individuals per meeting, to reinforce guidelines and proper protocol.

In Conclusion

Our campus continues its careful daily assessment of our current state while making decisions meant to mitigate long-term financial and operational challenges. We are focused on responsible fiscal management, protecting efforts that support student success, and the continuity of our operations and research mission while maintaining our primary responsibility to community safety and well being.

As we have shared before, we have a sincere appreciation for your commitment and flexibility as we navigate current and future uncertainties.

Adela de la Torre
San Diego State University President

Agnes Wong Nickerson
SDSU Interim Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs

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