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Dear Colleagues,

As the fall 2020 semester is officially underway, please review the following updated building access procedures.

As a follow-up to our message earlier this month, we encourage you to reinforce expectations with your faculty, staff, and student employees to ensure protocol is followed in order to help protect the health and safety of all members of our community.

Buildings without in-person classes or approved research or unit repopulation plans

Campus buildings and rooms that are not being utilized for fall in-person classes, or for approved research or university services will remain locked and only accessible to essential and approved personnel.

The EOC Policy Group, in alignment with recent CDPH IHE guidelines, made this determination to 1) maintain security and limit unauthorized access, 2) maintain compliance with COVID-19 related public health requirements, and 3) preserve our custodial capacity.

Buildings with in-person classes

Each day, starting Monday, Aug. 24, the buildings that have in-person courses, as confirmed in ASTRA, will be unlocked 30 minutes prior to the first class and locked at the end of the last class. The buildings will remain locked on weekends and all other times unless there are approved in-person courses.

Confirming building access

Essential and approved personnel who have been previously authorized and are currently accessing buildings will retain their access. Please help us identify any additional faculty, staff, and student employees who will be returning to campus.

We have created the Fall In-Person Repopulation Access Spreadsheet so we can confirm those approved individuals who will require SDSUcard or key access for the fall to instructional spaces, whether it be a one time, periodic, multiple or daily necessity. Please note: The spreadsheet must be completed by an associate dean, dean or AVP in order for Access Control to have sufficient time and authorization to activate or reactivate SDSUcard access.

Requests for additional building/space use

For instructional and university-managed departmental buildings and spaces (not including research or auxiliary spaces), we have created an updated Space Request Form for intermittent access needs and/or to add departments or units not included in previously approved plans. This form will also be available on our COVID-19 SharePoint site for SDSU faculty and staff, which will be published in the coming days. Please note: To ensure alignment with college or department leadership the Space Request Form must be completed by an associate dean, dean or AVP on behalf of colleges, departments, and units. Access Control will review requests in collaboration with campus partners, followed by final approval from the appropriate VP or designee (likely AVP). For one-time access requests, typically advance notice of 2 business days is sufficient.

Please note, requests for research repopulation needs should follow the process outlined on the Graduate and Research Affairs website.

Thank you for the additional effort in sharing this information. Please email any questions to Eric Hansen, associate vice president of business operations, at [email protected].


Eric J. Hansen, Ph.D.
SDSU Associate Vice President of Business Operations
EOC Logistics Section Chief

Jessica Rentto, J.D.
Associate Vice President for Administration
Co-Director of EOC

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