Dear SDSU Colleagues,

As shared in an all campus message today, and given the rate of increase in the COVID-19 cases among the student population this week, we are pausing in-person instruction. We ask that all faculty currently teaching an in-person class begin offering instruction via virtual means only for a period of 4 weeks, effective tomorrow, Thursday, September 3.

Per a meeting with all Chairs and Directors this afternoon, we know that we will need to retain a level of flexibility for certain in-person classes, particularly those that maintain requirements for accreditation and licensure. We ask that you please be in contact with your dean if you must maintain some level of in-person instruction due to such professional or external requirements. Your dean will then consult with the Office of the Provost.

At this time, our plan is to return those courses which were previously designated as in-person to on-campus delivery on Monday, October 5. We understand that some faculty may opt not to return to in-person and may continue their courses online for the rest of fall semester. The decision to return to in-person after this period of pause will be that of the faculty and your respective deans. If you wish to remain virtual through the remainder of the semester, please notify your Dean and interim Vice Provost Bill Tong.

As a reminder, please visit the SharePoint with dedicated resources for faculty and staff, which includes academic and research resources available. For those classes which were in-person, please reach out to your students this week with guidance and instruction as to how they should plan to engage with class assignments and activities.

As we have always shared, we thank you for remaining flexible as we respond to public health conditions, and as we work to prioritize the safe continuity of our educational mission.

Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D.,
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

San Diego State University
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