Dear SDSU community,

We now have exciting news to share: The state of California has approved our university to administer COVID-19 vaccines to hundreds of our campus community members.

The first 300 Moderna vaccine doses arrived at Student Health Services (SHS) today, and the university has already submitted requests for additional batches. The SHS team will begin providing vaccines to SDSU community members consistent with the approved county phases later this week. Eligible individuals will receive phone and email messages within the next 48 hours with instructions on how to make an appointment.

SHS is not able to make appointments for those who are not yet eligible based on state and county tiers, but as those tiers progress we will immediately inform all who become eligible. Should you or your family have questions about the vaccine in the meantime, we encourage you to consult your primary care physician or other medical professional.

How to Get Vaccinated

San Diego State University is committed to ensuring a fair and equal process for COVID-19 vaccines for campus community members based on state- and county-approved eligibility.  

The County of San Diego is currently permitting the vaccination of those in the first four tiers (1A, tiers 1,2,3 and 1B, tier 1) based on its COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan. Following state and county guidelines, SHS will contact and make vaccines available to all those faculty, staff and students who are eligible consistent with the county’s vaccination status, including those aged 65 and older based on vaccine availability. Vaccinations will begin this week at the Calpulli Center.

Those aged 65 and older are asked to check your official SDSU email account. You will receive an email from SHS within the next 48 hours outlining the process for scheduling an appointment.

Those eligible can gain access to vaccines in several other ways. In California, most people will be vaccinated at clinics, pharmacies, and by their primary care physicians. You can also access vaccines through County of San Diego vaccination sites and Imperial County vaccination sites.

More information about SDSU’s vaccination plan, along with COVID-19 testing information, is online: You can also learn more about the Moderna vaccine, proven to be 95% effective, by visiting the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s dedicated Moderna COVID-19 vaccine webpage.

More Vaccines Anticipated

SHS will continue working to administer vaccines to our campus community, and in doing so, will request additional vaccines and increase capacity as they are available. Our state and county do not yet have enough vaccines on hand for all community members to get vaccinated at the same time.

As we receive approval for more vaccines and the county continues to move through the designated tiers and phases, we will provide updates to the campus community. Please check your official SDSU email address frequently, as this is how we will share additional information and updates. We also remind all community members to sign up for SDSU emergency alerts online, as text is another way we may communicate updates to you when you become eligible.

If you are not in the 65 and older eligibility group and want to understand how you can get vaccinated, we encourage you to speak with your primary care physician or other medical provider for more information.

What Happens Next

We have lost too many lives and too many have become ill due to this virus. These are actual people who had lives and who mattered to someone, and a growing number of us know someone who has been directly impacted by the virus. Getting vaccinated when your time comes will help keep you, your family and your community healthy and safe.

We realize many of you will continue to have questions and are looking for greater clarity on the phased roll out plan and what that means for you. We are committed to keeping you informed and will share information about our vaccination capacity, prioritization guidance and other requirements as those details become available.

Importantly, and no matter your vaccination history, we must continue general prevention practices, such as wearing a facial covering, remaining physically distanced from those outside of our immediate household and frequently washing our hands. It is also important to take care of other aspects of our health. We remind our community that our university offers counseling, virtual exercise groups, virtual support for employees and also emergency funds for students. Please continue to rely on support services as you need them.

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
San Diego State University President

J. Luke Wood, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

Christian J. Holt
Associated Students President


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