Dear Members of our SDSU Community,

Nearly 4,000 students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members shared their ideas and feedback during and after the formal Sept. 23 kickoff of the university-wide strategic planning process. That count is rare, indicating unprecedented participation for a campus of our size and type.

We thank every single person who invested time and energy to participate in the group discussions and who opted to share perspectives online. We appreciated seeing and hearing that there is a shared passion to create a new, collective vision that will elevate the impact of our university and our ability to positively transform the lives of our students, our binational region and communities around the world.

We purposefully decided to move through a collaborative and shared governance process and hosted dozens of group discussions on main campus and at SDSU Imperial Valley to generate feedback, along with the online form. Certainly, such a process is more time consuming, but it was absolutely necessary for our campus community -- and we deeply appreciate and respect your time commitment. While all ideas will not be reflected in the final strategic plan, we cannot generate an impactful, meaningful and sustainable vision for our future without your input.

Immediate Next Steps

Toward developing San Diego State University’s vision, mission and strategic priorities, members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee will spend the coming weeks in review. The full committee is reviewing, discussing and analyzing the information generated during the September and October group discussions, and other campus conversations.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee has also formed three subcommittees:

  • The Data and Metrics subcommittee is evaluating performance and benchmark data based on a number of metrics related to student, faculty and staff performance measures.

  • The Guiding Documents subcommittee is assessing earlier and current versions of the SDSU vision and mission statements and will be making a recommendation for the new iteration of the university’s mission.

  • The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion subcommittee is reviewing the campus-wide environmental scan based on interviews, group discussions and surveys generated prior to the kickoff event. Students, faculty and staff shared information and personal experiences about issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion, which became part of the environmental scan.

More Information

Please continue to visit the strategic planning website, which is regularly updated. You can also continue to share your feedback and questions via the general online form. Some of the questions shared will be adapted for FAQs, also found on the site.

Through our robust conversations and the deep assessment of our institutional history, current state and future potential, we are fully confident that we will develop and implement a strategic plan that will expand our impact and growth for generations to come.

Salvador Hector Ochoa
Provost and Senior Vice President

J. Luke Wood
Chief Diversity Officer

San Diego State University
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