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Dear SDSU Students,

As we close the first week of instruction, we want to take yet another opportunity to reinforce that we are here for you and want you to be successful, no matter where you are physically located.

This semester has brought about a lot of change in the day-to-day experiences of many of our students. Much, but not all, of the change was brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. For months now, since the onset of the pandemic, we have looked to new ways for students to connect and engage.

With that said, whenever you have an issue or need support, we want to hear about your experiences and, where needed, assist you. To contact us or the SDSU teams established to support students, rely on the following:

  • General issues: If you are having a general issue, whether it be relating to a class, or to an issue outside of the classroom, or if you just need general support, contact us by filling out the online form. By using this form, SDSU representatives will follow up with you to address individual issues, and also use the information to track trends and make process improvements.

  • COVID-19 Policy Violations: If you become aware of a potential violation among students, please report the situation using the COVID-19 Incident Reporting Form. Concerns for organizations may be submitted using the Student Organization Incident Report Form.

In addition, we want to remind you of a few of the support services available to students:

  • Counseling & Psychological Services offers a range of therapeutic services to support students. Call 619-594-5220 to schedule a consultation with a therapist and visit for additional information. Outside these hours, students can speak with a counselor on a dedicated access line by calling the same number - 619-594-5220.

  • The Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) offers assistance to students who are experiencing an emerging need, to include a housing, food or technology need. Request assistance using the ECRT form online.

We know this time may be difficult for many of you. Many students, and many of their loved ones, are struggling. The public health pandemic, coupled with the impacts of ongoing movements against oppression and violence, and recent natural disasters, have created a fragile moment in our collective history. However, we must each remember that we are not alone, and that we should rely on our families, including our chosen families, and communities to help us and to guide us.

Remember, SDSU is here for you and your family. Always.

J. Luke Wood, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

Christian J. Holt
Associated Students President

Randy Timm, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

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