Dear SDSU community,

Our San Diego State University community continues to take precautions under our SDSU Flex plan, as public health officials predict a potential surge in cases through the holiday season and into the spring. This message provides some updates regarding the Spring course catalog, and academic support services available for the Spring semester.

Last month, the California State University system announced that its 23 universities, including SDSU, would remain mostly virtual for Spring 2021. With Spring 2021 registration having opened on Monday, Nov. 2, we are providing additional information about plans for spring so that students and their families may plan for the next semester.

In-Person Instruction

With the exception of about 130 courses, courses will be provided virtually, much like in the Fall 2020 semester. The limited number of courses offered in person will allow us to remain in compliance with ongoing public health guidelines and orders restricting the ways in which people can gather in-person.

Prior to finalizing Spring 2021 plans, we have drawn on the consultation of SDSU deans and faculty to determine the list of courses that would be offered in-person. The majority are upper-division and graduate-level courses that are required to ensure that students can graduate on time and can also fulfill professional accreditation and certification requirements. We will retain the required COVID-19 testing plan for students living on campus, taking courses in-person and who are involved in university research.

Students can now view the Spring 2021 courses, including the modalities they will be offered in, through the search function on the Registrar’s site. The list of the limited number of courses to be offered partially or fully in person is also available online.

We know that some of our students, and their families, much prefer an in-person experience. And we are eager to return to our pre-pandemic traditions, including meeting in person, attending events together and gathering on our beautiful campus for studies and socials. However, until we are in a safer place with the pandemic as a state and nation, we will need to continue to restrict our in-person interactions.

SDSU Library

The Library Domeside Pickup service continues to be provided, along with online research assistance, online computer support, round-the-clock access to librarians, and other virtual library services at both SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley. Interlibrary loan services will be provided during the spring and SDSU will continue to maintain the 1,100 outdoor seating spaces and wireless internet access, including the Love Library Patio. Access to the “24/7 Area” is still being considered for the spring semester. 

Student Housing On Campus

We will continue to offer housing and residential support for our students as we did during Fall 2020. We encourage our students to stay and to continue to follow both public health and testing protocols. We are providing additional information directly to student residents, and those with questions should contact the Office of Housing Administration and/or the Residential Education Office by emailing [email protected].

Remote Support

Through Spring 20201, students should continue relying on virtual support services available, including remote lab support. Also, resources for employees are also available online (SDSUid required).

In Closing

We will continue to support our students academically, socially and psychologically, and provide access to emergency aid when they need help. We will also continue remote delivery of library services so that all faculty, students and staff can be successful in their work, research and studies. And like universities across the state and nation, we are continuing to explore flexible options to continue and enhance the quality education and student experience for all of our students.

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
San Diego State University President

Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D.,
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs


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