Dear SDSU community,

The pandemic has been mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting, and we have lost too many lives this year. Last week, San Diego county reported record new daily cases in the thousands.

The growing concern over how many are becoming ill exists in every state across the nation, including our own:

While we received promising news today that the United Kingdom provided the first fully tested and approved vaccine to the first individual, projections indicated that broad community access to a reliable vaccine and herd immunity will take several months more.

With the rapid growth of COVID-19 cases and ongoing restrictions on how we can meet and travel, we cannot relax our daily efforts — not now and certainly not in the months ahead.

Spring 2021 In-person Instruction Two Week Delay to Allow Testing

As we prepare to close 2020 and look forward to spring 2021, the current conditions with the pandemic and the needs of our SDSU community demand that we continue to carefully and thoughtfully plan through SDSU Flex.

A limited number of courses are approved and scheduled to meet face-to-face in spring 2021. For these classes, the first two weeks of instruction in January, beginning with the first day of classes on Jan. 20, will be held virtually while required testing is conducted for students in in-person courses. This delayed start of the in-person elements of instruction will allow us to implement an extensive re-entry plan for students. This is an important effort that will follow a projected eight weeks peak high of COVID-19 cases. In-person instruction components for these approved courses would begin on Feb. 3.

The in-person instruction delay and the comprehensive testing plan both align with California State University system-wide directives and guidance. Last week, CSU Chancellor Timothy White encouraged each of the 23 campuses to take more stringent precautions, to include delaying the start of in-person instruction components for Spring, and also modifying plans for spring recess.

SDSU Remains Open during Stay-at-Home Order

At no point during the pandemic has the university closed. With the newly imposed Regional Stay-at-Home Order, the university’s SDSU Flex plan remains in compliance with both county and state restrictions, and no additional actions or changes are needed by students, faculty, or staff for the duration of this term as a result of the Stay-at-Home.

Employees approved for on-campus work should continue to carefully manage their work and abide by health assessment and reporting guidelines, and those approved for telework should continue working off-campus. If you have any questions, please speak with your immediate supervisor, or contact the Center for Human Resources by calling 619-594-6404.

Take Care of Your Whole Health

Holistic and whole health matters and, no matter your physical location, there are many at SDSU who are ready at all times to support you. As a reminder, SDSU offers assistance for all students, faculty and staff, and faculty-specific support. You can learn more by reviewing the campus notice shared on Dec. 2, and visiting our up-to-date support services page.

Even though we have implemented stringent controls and an aggressive testing plan to drive down COVID-19 cases connected with our SDSU community, we must continue to take great care. The decisions detailed above were made with holistic health in mind. We care deeply about our community, and we know that so many of our community members are experiencing a level of exhaustion and frustration given this extraordinarily difficult year.

We know that how we gather and how we socialize will not be so restricted forever. As with every crisis, we must continue to take good care of ourselves and of our colleagues, peers, family members and neighbors. It is through our careful planning and personal daily actions that we can bring this pandemic under control.

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
San Diego State University President

Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

J. Luke Wood, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

Christian J. Holt
Associated Students President


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