Dear SDSU Faculty and Staff,

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for all faculty and staff who have helped our entire university community, and for many months, in responding to the pandemic. You are front line in creating fundamental changes and making meaningful adaptations in how we teach, how students learn, how research occurs and how we can continue to safely connect.

With this message, we are offering important reminders as we offer a limited number of additional in-person courses on Monday, Oct. 12.

For Faculty and Staff

It is important that you are taking good care of yourself and your loved ones. This includes not just caring for one another’s physical health, but for our mental health as well. Continue to rely on and share information about the support services San Diego State University provides to students, faculty and staff.

Because your health and wellbeing and the health and safety of others is our primary concern, it is an imperative, no matter the situation, that you are not to come to campus if you are sick.

As a reminder, all faculty and staff, as well as students, are able to get COVID-19 tested at the county’s test site, located at Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, 5250 55th St., west of Viejas Arena. San Diego County and Imperial County testing site information is available online.

For Faculty Teaching In-Person Courses

Effective Monday, Oct. 12, all students enrolled in approved in-person courses are required to get COVID-19 tested at least every 14 days and must have a negative test result on file before attending in-person classes.

For those teaching in-person courses, check your WebPortal before every single in-person class session to ensure that every student is cleared, noted by a green check mark, to attend in-person. If a student is not cleared, you will see a red “X”.

A red “X” does NOT indicate that a student has tested positive for COVID-19; red X may indicate that a student missed or delayed a test outside the 14 day required window, had difficulty verifying recent testing information, may have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, or a number of other reasons. If a student asks you questions about this process, you can direct them to review these FAQs and/or email [email protected] directly for guidance regarding their status.


If a student shows up to attend their in-person course but is not cleared to do so via WebPortal, do the following:

  • Tell the student they may not attend class that day and ask that they return home until cleared.

  • If the student refuses to leave, end the class session or meeting.

  • If the student displays violent or aggressive behavior, contact University Police by calling 619-594-1991.

  • Report the behavior to the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities for followup by calling 619-594-3069 or by completing a COVID-19 Incident Report Form online.

Cleaning and Temperature Checks

Instructional faculty or their designee should continue to clean classroom and lab spaces after use, and avoid the use of shared equipment when possible.

Regarding the temperature checking of students, faculty or their designee have two options: check each student’s temperature before each class using a non-contact infrared thermometer; or direct students to one of the temperature-check kiosk stations located on campus before entering class.

Temperature-Check Kiosk Locations: One kiosk will be in Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences 104 (next to the coffee shop and the Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex courtyard) and the other will be in the lobby of Don Powell Theatre. Both kiosks will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. Students will receive a date-stamped wrist band if they complete their temperature check at either location. Additional locations will soon be added.

Thank You

Again, thank you. We appreciate your perseverance, dedication and new ideas. We are heartfelt in our appreciation and, as always, encourage you to continue to take great care of yourselves and your loved ones, just as you are taking great care of our students and one another. As a reminder, additional information and resources for faculty and staff are listed on the Campus Repopulation Sharepoint site.

Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

William Tong, Ph.D.
Interim Vice Provost
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Joanna Brooks, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement and Student Success

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