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Dear SDSU Imperial Valley Community,

With regards to the message just shared by President Adela de la Torre and Provost Hector Ochoa, please note the following points as it relates to SDSU Imperial Valley.

  • All work-study students and student assistants who have been asked to stop working due to the COVID-19 precautionary measures will continue to be paid through April 6. Supervisors are asked to follow-up with an email to your respective work-study and student assistants to clarify any questions students may have for you.

  • With the exception of the Physical Plant, IT Department, and Administration Building, all other campus facilities both in Brawley and Calexico are restricted from use, including all computer labs. The only personnel pre-authorized to be on campus are members of the Physical Plant Team, IT Department, Security Services, and campus administrators. If you are teleworking and need to come onto campus, you must send me a request via email.

  • Security Services will be redirecting any non-authorized campus personnel to visit the homepage of the SDSU Imperial Valley website for information about virtual-based services and IT Support Services.

  • Faculty and staff are asked to email their corresponding administrator directly with any questions.

  • Students are asked to correspond via email with their professors and to visit the SDSU Imperial Valley website frequently for contact information and updates.

Please check your emails frequently for more updates and visit the university’s public-facing COVID-19 web page as we navigate this together.

Con aprecio,

Gregorio A. Ponce
SDSU Imperial Valley Dean

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