Dear SDSU Community,

We will welcome back a small portion of students to campus on Monday for limited in-person instruction. As we prepare, we want to thank each of you for being diligent. The majority of our community is continuing to follow public health guidelines and take great care to be supportive during the pandemic. We thank each of you, and reinforce key reminders and expectations for next week, below: 

Public Health Reminders

Whether you have remained on campus, or will return to campus on Monday, we ask that you do the following:

Check your symptoms and never come to campus if you are ill, and remain home until you are better.

Whether you have a cough, sore throat or more extreme symptoms, it is a public health imperative that you remain home and focus on getting better.

When ill, contact your instructor or faculty member so that they are aware that you are prioritizing your self care. No one should ever feel pressured to go to work or to class when they are sick. If you are pressured, please report the situation using the university’s reporting form.

Get tested. SDSU’s testing requirement has been expanded for all students who will be physically on campus.

All students living on-campus or taking approved in-person courses are required to get COVID-19 tested at least every 14 days. Students must check their official SDSU email for details, as this information is being emailed regularly.

Students who have testing questions should review these FAQs and/or email [email protected].

What To Do Before You Come To Campus

Follow university and public health directions every single day.

Students and instructors must:

  • Check Your WebPortal. All students taking an approved in-person course, and all faculty teaching those courses, must check WebPortal before each in-person session. Students are required to have a negative COVID-19 test on file at least every 14 days to be cleared to attend an in-person class.

  • Wear A Facial Covering. Everyone on campus is required to wear a facial covering at all times, with limited exceptions.

  • Maintain Your Distance. Keep a distance of six (6) feet or more between you and others.

  • Check Your Temperature Each Day. Instructors are to check that a student has completed their temperature check that day before entering class.

    Instructors have two options when checking temperatures: check each student’s temperature before each class using a non-contact infrared thermometer; or direct students to one of the temperature-check kiosk stations located on campus before entering class.

    Temperature-Check Kiosk Locations: One kiosk will be in Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences 104 (next to the coffee shop and the Engineering and Interdisciplinary Sciences Complex courtyard) and the other will be in the lobby of Don Powell Theatre. Both kiosks will be open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. Students will receive a date-stamped wrist band if they complete their temperature check at either location. Additional locations will soon be added.

    SDSU Library Update

    The SDSU Library will continue to provide Domeside Pickup service of materials from our collections and technology equipment to support student learning in the online environment. All Library online services remain available, including access to digital collections, online research assistance, information technology help, and remote access to licensed software. SDSU community can also use the Love Library Patio to connect to the campus wireless network.

    The 24/7* space in the SDSU Library was closed to the public on Sept. 3 as part of the pause in on-campus instruction. This space will remain closed to the public for the remainder of the fall semester to help reduce the number of people on campus and in-person interactions in compliance with public health guidelines.

    For those students who need access to computers, microphones, or specialized technology to help assist them in their classes, please contact the Economic Crisis Response Team for assistance.

    Student Code of Conduct Reminders

    The California State University Office of the Chancellor issued updated guidance on Sept. 24, expanding COVID-19 policy compliance efforts. As a result, the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities can further address alleged individual and organizational violations of the Student Code of Conduct, whether the behavior occurs on or off campus.

    The alleged violations may include instances of students failing to properly wear facial coverings or practice physical distancing, hosting or attending social gatherings, and failing to isolate and quarantine as outlined by public health guidelines.

    Consequences for violating university policies may result in student organization sanctions and individual disciplinary consequences, which may include suspension or expulsion.

    Thank You

    We remain grateful about the many ways our one SDSU community has shown resilience and has identified solutions for the many challenges the ongoing pandemic has presented.

    Thank you, always, for taking your own care and the health of others seriously in all that you do.

    Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
    San Diego State University President

    Salvador Hector Ochoa, Ph.D.
    Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Christian Holt
    Associated Students President


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