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Dear SDSU Students,

We trust that you are doing well during these first days of the fall 2020 semester. Thank you for those who have participated in the Welcome Week activities. We also invite you to connect with others during our virtual Aztec Nights events. These events are designed specifically for you so that you can safely participate, meet others, and learn more about our university community.

With this email, we are communicating our needs as an interdependent learning community. SDSU has a long tradition of coming together as a community that recognizes we are part of something larger than ourselves. Last year we, as a community, agreed to shared values in our governance. These values included respect, responsibility and communication. We therefore thank those of you who have been wearing your facial coverings, avoiding gatherings and adhering to university policies, guidance and public health guidelines. We have taken notice that the majority of you are taking great care of yourself and the community. Thank you for role modeling!

At the same time, and as we head into our first weekend since the start of the fall semester, this message is meant to serve as a critical reminder of the consequences for those who are not yet following these behavioral policies and guidelines. We have received a small number of complaints that some members of our community are not yet doing their part, and are not following these public health guidelines, especially off-campus. As we become aware of violations to the student code of conduct we are working with the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities to pursue sanctions. Individual actions have an impact on the health and safety of us all, and we take the protection of that community very seriously.

This message is being sent to all students as an important reminder of how the actions of everyone — on and off campus — and adherence to established guidelines are critical to keeping yourselves and our community safe.

Public Health Reminders

We are asking all students to abide by the established public health orders and university policies:

  • Do not organize or attend parties. California's current public health order indicates that a gathering (any event or convening that brings together people in a single space at the same time) is strictly prohibited. For any off-campus gathering, both organizational violations as well as individual conduct violations may be issued.

  • Adhere to the social moratorium. SDSU’s Interfraternity Council (IFC), in a message to all council members, announced on Aug. 20 that that all IFC recruitment events will be held virtually, with no in-person interactions. Any IFC-member organization hosted social events that violate public health and safety guidelines established by the county and state are banned.

  • Wear a facial covering at all times while on campus. Only very limited exceptions to the university’s facial covering requirement are offered.

  • Maintain a distance of six feet when around others who are not members of your household (suite, apartment, house). Students in violation of this policy are subject to individual student code of conduct violations.

Also, SDSU maintains enhanced WIFI connectivity in various outdoor locations, allowing you to study outside while maintaining physical distance from others. Some of those areas include the north and west side of the Love Library, the Storm Hall Starbucks, East Commons, the northeast side of Viejas Arenas, the Engineering Interdisciplinary Sciences, Scripps Patio, among other locations.

These are our expectations of all students, including those who live on campus, are enrolled in an in-person course and others who come to campus or live in the region but remain off campus for virtual instruction.

Potential Disciplinary Actions

We also want to remind you that SDSU will hold students accountable for both organizational and individual violations of university policies. All policies, which are in place for individual and community health and safety, must be followed.

We have already received several reports of violations, and the Office of Student Life and Leadership is addressing off-campus gatherings reported to the university. While these investigations are being completed, the office is also working with student leaders to address behavioral concerns. SDSU takes any violation extremely seriously, as each may pose a direct risk to our campus community.

The university asks that any community member who becomes aware of a potential violation among students report the situation using the COVID-19 Incident Reporting Form. Concerns for organizations may be submitted using the Student Organization Incident Report Form.

In Closing

During this challenging time, we need to extend our values of respect, responsibility and communication to our entire community. There are staff members who are charged with supporting our community health and they warrant everyone's respect in honoring their tireless work. We all need to uphold our responsibility to protect ourselves and to keep our community healthy and safe.

We also remind you that COVID-19 testing is available for enrolled SDSU undergraduate and graduate students at no cost. Also, review the student training and fall guidelines page for more information about what actions you can take to protect yourself and others. In compliance with the California State University (CSU) system’s Executive Order 1107, this is a reminder that we are in a public health state of emergency and additional information can be accessed via SDSU’s public-facing COVID-19 site.

As we have shared before, reducing the spread of COVID-19 requires a personal commitment and action from our entire community. Each one of us must make responsible decisions every day to support our individual health and community well-being.

Randy Timm, Ed.D.
SDSU Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

Libby Skiles, Ed.D.
Student Health Services Director

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